The Global Product Manager – 33 Product Innovation & Management

33 Product Tekkies took insights from my 30 years experience as a global product manager.

Moshe started his career as a software developer in the army. It was an awesome session as he gave insights into his journey in the last 30 years and skills that he learnt from all the offices he has occupied.

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Jump to about 5 minutes for the session beginning:

Co-guest on the Experiment Nation podcast: Choosing the right A/B testing tool

I had the pleasure to talk with Tracy Laranjo of Experiment Nation‘s podcast, along with my co-host on The Product for Product Podcast, Matt Green.

Learning through our product what tools are available out there for product people, we have done a series on A/B testing experimentation tools. It was fun sitting on the guest chair rather than the host!

Have a listen here, on your favorite podcasting platform, or on Experiment Nation’s site.

Enoverlab session: Breaking into Product Management from a non-tech background

I had the pleasure to join Enoverlab and talk about “Breaking into Product Management from a non-tech background“. Although I did not break into Product Management from a non-technical background, I am still quite passionate about the ability of non-techies to break into Product. It is possible, and you don’t need to be technical to become a product manager!

Tune into the recording of these session to learn more:

Podcast Guest on Product Perspective

I’ve met Migali Pelissier on the Product-Led Alliance’s Slack channel. Migali had started recently her podcast PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE, a space for product people that gives a voice to their stakeholders.

On the show, I had the pleasure to chat with Migali about how my experience as a software engineer helped me in my career as a Product Manager, and few more surpirses.

Have a listen to this great episode right here:

Guest on the Product Innovation Series with Aram Melkoumov

I met Aram Melkoumov a few years ago during an open doors event in Toronto. I was impressed with what he built, and how humble we was about it, and tried to follow Crowdlinker ever since.

It was a pleasure for me when Aram and his team contacted me to see if I would like to join him on their podcast. And of course I said yes!

In the episode I discusses with Aram how to manage products in B2B vs. B2C, biggest knowledge gaps in product management, and how to apply your product skillset in other areas of your life.

Have a listen:

Guest on The Experience Talk – EP 21: Why product managers should focus on product outcomes?

In this episode of The Experience Talk, I talked with Tanuj Diwan, Head of Product at SurveySensum about reasons for product managers to focus on product outcomes

  • Should they do the market research at all, or build a product prototype and take feedback on it?
  • Does vision help him focus on the product outcome?
  • Do outcomes help you improve the product or provide value to the customers?
  • How to get clarity on the product vision?
  • How’d you prioritize multiple problems based on their outcomes?
  • How to create an outcome-driven roadmap?
  • Why product managers should focus on product outcomes?

And a lot more.

This was such a funny podcast episode, as we didn’t plan at all to make one! We just met and decided to record our chat, and then at the end Tanuj felt there was so much good stuff in our discussion that he wanted to share it with the world. And that’s how it came to be.

You can also listen to it on Spotify:

Experimentation Nation Conference session – Where are the Users?

I had the pleasure to join as a speaker in the first Experimentation Nation Conference.

Experimentation is such an important part of Product Management, but most of us struggle doing it. I know I struggle!

We first need to discover opportunities to follow, define an hypothesis to test, plan the right experiment to test it, conduct the experiment, and analyze the data, given that everything went as expected…

That’s where come experimentation professionals, who live and breathe experimenting. And Experimentation Nation is an amazing group of such professionals, led by Rommil Santiago.

It was a pleasure to join them in the free conference, and I feel humble with all the amazing content they shared on the conferece.

You can still watch all the sessions of the conference and Experimentation Nation will leave them available. All you need to do is register here to get access to all of them.

And my session, Where are the users?, is available amongst the other 40-some sessions.

Guest on Userpilot YouTube channel in prep for 2021 Product Drive conference

In preparation for my upcoming session on Userpilot’s 2021 Product Drive conference, I had a chat with Emilia Korczynska, Head of Marketing @ Userpilot.

What is the difference between Product Led, Project Led, Sales Led and Solution Led? Why do so few companies understand what Product Led *really* means? When is a feature solving a problem and when are PMs simply coming up with problems to solve? Why are so many B2B platforms catering to 10 different personas and only solving one problem for each rather than trying to achieve higher product adoption with fewer user personas?

Listen to the full interview to find out the answers.

Check out my session on Product Drive and register today: