Product for Product Podcast

My friend, Data Product Manager Matt Green of nimbled, and I, are co-hosting a new podcast about products for product managers.

So what is the Product for Product Podcast all about?

We know how confusing it could be to choose the right product to use, and many Product professionals are in the same boat. There are lots of areas of products that we need to know about, and lots of solutions out there

This podcast is a way for us to learn together what these products are all about!

We talk about them in themes, based on what the problem each product is suppose to solve.

In every theme, in the first episode Matt and I chat about the theme, what it’s all about, what we expect with products that solve the problems of that theme, etc.

Then we host guest Product Managers who are using these products for some time and can tell us about each product specifically, the good, the great and the ugly!

You can follow the podcast page on Spreaker and LinkedIn, and listen on your favorite podcast platform.