Experimentation Nation Conference session – Where are the Users?

Experimentation Nation Conference session – Where are the Users?

I had the pleasure to join as a speaker in the first Experimentation Nation Conference.

Experimentation is such an important part of Product Management, but most of us struggle doing it. I know I struggle!

We first need to discover opportunities to follow, define an hypothesis to test, plan the right experiment to test it, conduct the experiment, and analyze the data, given that everything went as expected…

That’s where come experimentation professionals, who live and breathe experimenting. And Experimentation Nation is an amazing group of such professionals, led by Rommil Santiago.

It was a pleasure to join them in the free conference, and I feel humble with all the amazing content they shared on the conferece.

You can still watch all the sessions of the conference and Experimentation Nation will leave them available. All you need to do is register here to get access to all of them.

And my session, Where are the users?, is available amongst the other 40-some sessions.

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