About Moshe

Moshe is a leader in product management who started his career 30 years ago on the engineering side, specifically within the enterprise and B2B software space. For 20 years he worked on the engineering end of software development, holding positions in all areas of product companies – core development, sales engineering, customer application support, and customization development. He built technical teams and worked with agencies, developing software for project management, product data management, as well as merchants, cardholders and transaction management in his position as a CTO of a payment startup. 

He fell in love with product management after seeing the gap that existed between what customers wanted and what engineering produced. In 2010 he shifted gears to focus on product management. Moshe learned what it takes to build real products that users love while building B2B and B2B2C products: SaaS products for loyalty programs across Europe and North America, for M&A professionals, for lawyers, and for staffing agencies.

Moshe loves helping product teams mature from project mindset to product mindset. He helped several organizations move to agile development, and implemented many Product Ops tools to modernize the Product Management efforts. Vision, strategy, discovery, experimentation, data driven decisions, iterative learning, failing fast – he lives and breaths them daily.

Moshe co-hosts the Product for Product Podcast where he talks about products that product professionals use.

Moshe is also a published author. His debut novel The Resurrector was published in January 2022 with New Degree Press, and is available everywhere online.